WORKSHOP: Digital photography – Analog! / mentor: Primož Juvan

It could not have been different, even if Primož Juvan was a little bit afraid about how he would mentor a group of people and how to explain to them, what he is doing. But that was just tension, because he did a very nice and didactically clear job, he explained in detail, answered any question in an understandable way and gained therefore lots of listeners and maybe, that is a totally personally assessment, it looked like some of the participants will try themselves to use their digital photo-machines analogically, let’s see.

Primož did bring his equipment to the workshop, so that he could explain things in every detail and demonstrate the entire process best. Some of the participants went on trying themselves, so that in the end it seemed that everyone did take some impression at home. – Certainly the detailed process of taking a photograph was gone through and did offer something more than just the “good picture” taken in “automatic” mode.

I could not differently than congratulating the involved parties, especially Primož for the lovely exhibition of his photograph-painting, one may say and for these insights in how it works.

Lovely late morning, constructive and educative. Grazie a tutti!