WORKSHOP: Caricatures rock! / mentor: Jože Aberšek ABA

Fun, fun, fun! Jože Aberšek, who was just on show in the raum AU, entertained and challenged a quite big group of participants in this workshop of his, young ones in particular. Caricatures are funny by themselves, but an openhearted tutor, who by the way did this for the first time, could be nothing else but an enthusiast. It was a sunny day and as there were many visitors, we moved outside in the courtyard. This courtyard has hosted since some time the major NGO players of our region (HABitat Slovenj Gradec).

The extended workshops, in a minor version, planned within Živela Ustvarjalnost!, the project we dedicated to amateur creatives from our city and region, lasted an extended summer morning, vitalizing the formerly abandoned building-complex. It produced many, many portrait caricatures. Reason enough to make them become part of an exhibition project, Art goes Meškova – Karikature so Zakon!, we did later on in the year. We aimed to vitalize the oldest street in our city, the Meškova Ulica, home also to the Pino Poggi studio, a touristic and public relation related endeavor of ours, to support the visibility of Arte Utile and Pino Poggi.

Back to “Karikature so Zakon!”, translated in context, somewhat like “Caricatures rock!”. We rocked quite well; the learning process was astonishing, as ABA showed to be unbelievably talented working with children.

Maybe easier to do with caricatures than with programming (we should have a workshop about that later on in this year), but it was really a day of creative fun. We will constantly extend these non-formal learning projects to possibly become a proper program in our city.