WORKSHOP: Studio-music / mentor: Marko Night(M) Marin

The challenge for Marko Marin aka Night(M) was notable. The autodidact, thrown into the role of a teacher and to superfluous, concerned about how to spread knowledge about a quite technical and complex thing like Studio-music.

Our times, that is true, make things easy, technical inventions, machines and software applications support the ones with intuition, however, somewhere everyone must find his starting point. Why not with Marko and the Dnevna Soba studio? The exhibition did obviously offer enough vivid material for anyone who dreams of making his own music.

Marko, being open and willing to share, did find himself quite fast in the role of a mentor. Explaining his way that lead him to studio-music, referring to challenges and difficulties on the way to their very own studio, he found the dialogue with the few participants. COVID-19 made things difficult; day by day a little adjustment there, a new protocol to follow here, people began to switch to the virtual …

The workshop, even when not super crowded, produced some interesting results for sure. Less people meant more details and let me say it like this, the idea of creating non-formal learning occasions together worked. A further integration of users of the same infrastructures, the HABitat, is evolving, producing more and more benefits for the direct environment. Promising however!