WORKSHOP: Greening / mentor: Matija Triglav

We were curious, as the exhibition was a full success; every day since the opening people came to see the wonders of nature, patiently groomed by Matija. What would the workshop look like?

It was somehow expected and the weather was kind to us that day. The yard of the HABitat, now, since the adaption works were taken care of in big parts, was the perfect space to execute this kind of workshop.

Matija offered, as a newcomer to mentoring, instinctively a quick and proper overview and insight of all the efforts that lay behind the exhibition pieces on show. After having spread this knowledge he went on to the practical part, where now participants were carefully listening and where at the end, as the pictures very well show, almost everyone could take a piece or two pieces of living green home.

Thank you Matija, we enjoyed working with you and Tea. We count on putting in action some follow-up to this workshop – so do probably the people who could not or were afraid to come.