WORKSHOP: MindFlow (Audio-therapy) / mentor: Mojca Kamnik

This workshop, held from total isolation, as many other organizations had been doing for almost a year, would be our first virtually held. To say it clearly: a pity!

We are not used to work under the aspects of efficiency, as people who know us very well understand and appreciate. It is our sector, maybe the last resort of human interactions because of the interactions and nothing more. An unusual approach in the world of “virtual”, where every step and every action has to make sense.

Now, as coming together has become a complex endeavor, things had to be put on a clear and reviewable schedule, to follow if necessary, but very much planned in advance and coordinated.

As we are however a capable group with many expertise, we did, after the video-opening of the exhibition also manage to gather the regional television VTV crew on the day of the workshop and they broadcasted a report some days later.

The workshop, to which we could welcome some curious people, evolved around the thoughts that lead to the exhibition, to audio-pictures as an idea. Talks via videoconference were vivid; homework was given… an end-release, a group audio-picture worked out.

Thank you Mojca, a real pleasure to work with you! Let us keep each other in mind and not remain a stranger!