WORKSHOP: Model-building / mentor: Franc Denovnik

After the opening of Franc Denovniks exhibition of his works, this became the first workshop he would hold. As a homeless very well known in town (whatever that implies), he however was very well known to us, the people involved in raum AU; we started to support him, as we were neighbors at our former spaces, the POSTAJA RAUM AU. He however evolved quite fine and in confidence, as we are, the process of mentoring him while preparing his workshop went quite easy.

Franc did show himself a very sympathetic tutor and while working with some of the present group that well, they spontaneously decided to hold a second workshop, where they would go through the process of how to burn drawings into wood.

It was a very nice workshop with quite some participants, as the pictures show. In addition, if it was not possible for anyone to finish their own model, they worked on prepared models and cared about certain details as the roof, the surroundings or similar.

However, in theory, they build much more complex buildings and many options, possibilities and technics were discussed, as pictures may suggest.

Compliments to Franc Denovnik, for having spread a little bit of his fascination for the matter in play.