WORKSHOP: Scripting Reality / mentor: Elijah Hlastan

In this workshop, which was part of the exhibition Scripted Reality, did try to get a linguistic approach to the matter, a linguistic that sets its own aesthetic, an aesthetic that drives modern society. (Press release in Slovenian)

Elijah Hlastan, who prepared this workshop for us, could not do much more than scratch the surface of this complex and intriguing world and give us an insight in ways of conceiving, approaching and realizing things, viewed through those languages. He did it in a way that engaged the audience.

It was, somehow unexpectedly, seen the theoretical and abstract matter, interesting, definitively. It was inspiring for us, who do not desire to go the path, but are stuck with modern technologies and exciting for them, who want maybe get more involved in the matter in play.

Elijah, being however, a constant visitor of raum AU did since then, support many persons with his expertise. That is however also raum AU and the HABitat Slovenj Gradec, people now know better.

A lovely late morning, constructive and educative. Thanks to all involved, all the best Elijah! …always!