WORKSHOP: Songwriting / mentor: Aleš Gangl

This workshop about how to write a song was as the other workshops from this season of Long Live Creativity! dedicated mainly to get insights. To offer, within a short time-span the possibility to understand what it is about, does it excite me or not?

Aleš Gangl is a good friend of ours, a member of raum AU since some years, also when involved, almost since our beginnings, does what he does with a certain passion. He was in past occasions quite insecure, therefore probably not as effective as he could have been. However, this lack did not come up here, where we unfortunately did not have an exaggeration on photos, which would have made the role of this text much easier.

Let me say, that there were interested young people there, quite a lot of them, all eagerly working and following the instructions of Aleš, to an extent, that we could produce some “text in progress” during the two hours. It gave all of the participants a bit of satisfaction, as Aleš decided to put the work we did on show, in the middle of what he presented in his exhibition. Thanks Aleš, we should not leave this segment of workshop out of sight, maybe engage in future once more, more profoundly?!