Zgibanka Koroška Demokratična Postaja

This brochure should become the first real contact of our citizens with our new idea, that became, thanks to the financing of the Active Citizens Fund Slovenia, administrated by the CNVOS, a proper reality in 2021 in Slovenj Gradec; the Koroška demokratična postaja, our pilot on non-formal political education.

The brochure was a tiny, folded one that we planned to send out to all our citizens. It was therefore and because, as we all know, “people do not read any more, on paper even less”, that we were quite nervous. How to pack something complex like this project into a short text, how to manage to get to know what moves the people in our city and, if as this both challenges would not be enough, expand the trust, people have in us and in our expertise.

We started to author the text some months ago, and optimized it through all these weeks and months. In the end, I believe quite well. The questionnaire we prepared was a complex one, but we understood, that we would have target quality, not quantity in this occasion. Therefore, we did probably the right thing. – the results however were inspiring.

Our partnerships with MOCIS, PUM-o, the Gimnazija Slovenj Gradec and the MKC Dravograd were not only useful in this first phase, it was probably of essential importance to overcome barriers of contact to acquire target groups – all in all, there is room for optimization, we recognized and hopefully will

Here the digital version of the brochure we sent out, obviously in Slovenian language.