Zbiralna akcija: Oblačila (Collection campaign: Clothes)

In perspective of the Koroška Demokratična postaja and its Urban Forum, we think this kind of activities are part of a non-formal educational process to an active citizenship. It is obvious, that such tiny actions are not capable to be financed on their own, like many other little interventions, although essential for the development of a proper and progressive urban life-style, fitting a city like ours.

We qualify this project naturally as part of the offer, of the Koroška Demokratična postaja, as is, we think the flea-market (Bolšji sejem), we hold for the third year now and other activities, not directly referring to formal political processes, but however making on the long run the difference within a community.

This collection campaign, originally organized by our friends and colleagues from the Koroški Klub Študentov offered 4 collecting stations (raum AU, our partners MCD Dravograd, MKC, the youth center Radlje ob Dravi and KOMPLEKS, the youth center in Ravne na Koroškem) over one week to support people to forward their clothes, ones destined to vanish from ones collection. The action started on April 22, on Earth Day, which the international community is celebrating from 1970 on.