Živela Ustvarjalnost! (Long Live Creativity!)

This program was born most of all out of a personal interest of raum AU, a basic need, if you would like so.

We had moved with raum AU in the, to become HABitat for non-governmental organizations of Slovenj Gradec. At this time, we were still working to be elected for the city council.

Our need being to offer the people of our new surroundings opportunities to get in touch, to get acquainted with raum AU, to start understanding and acknowledging the role and improvement of a vivid non-governmental scene and what it brings to the neighborhood.

Therefore, inviting known appassionato of different creative disciplines, everyone with her/his very own group of followers – that was the idea. From there we would see.

The idea to add in any occasion a workshop, for the creative her-/himself to organize and hold would complete a parkour; each amateur creative should go through, once in its entirety. This was an approach to improve the organizational approach to things. Being an amateur does not mean, one cannot visualize properly the love for ones passion. To keep the role of the exhibition in ones perspective and to reflect on ones capabilities and talents would provide a proper base for the non-formal learning process we would put in action.

In this, later known as the first season, in difference to season 2, we have selected the creatives ourselves and by our best knowing and preferences, however, all quite in their thing!

We thought to catch a good, broad spectrum of potential groups, connected to the creatives and were looking forward to work with them: Primož Juvan, Franc Denovnik, Alenka Seničar, Aleš Gangl, Jože Aberšek ABA and Elijah Hlastan.

Thank you for all the exciting experiences we could share with many, many people from the community! Thanks for all learning we could experience.