Primož Juvan – Živela Ustvarjalnost! (Long Live Creativity!)

This exhibition, part of our cycle “Živela Ustvarjalnost”(Long Live Creativity) after Jože Aberšek ABA and Franc Denovnik is already the third happened between July 6 and July 22.

Primož Juvan, the creative in the center of this edition is a civil servant today, but it seems not for one day he neglected his creative instincts. While being part of an important music group named ILEX during the early 1990ies, he moved on to discover photography as his real and true obsession, where to express himself he stimulates to the point that he started experimenting with analogue methods, although using digital machines.

Within this solo-exhibition of his, which has been one of his first serious curated and organized shows, we tried to point out this analogue principle, which incurred accidentally with former cameras from time to time, when they expose the same part of film twice or even more times.

To reproduce this kind of accident and control it to the point to create controlled, voluntarily new, multilayered pictures is what Primož Juvan is able to do today.

In this exhibition, we had therefore the focus on a series of exactly that, multilayered, painted photographs, controlled accidents, which opened to all that were able to see them a new dimension to photography.

The project, partly financed by the municipality as well as by the JSKD Ljubljana was another step towards integrating the new established HAB of creative industries within the cultural everyday of our region.

As we could once more register a very vivid interest, as well at the vernissage, but also during the exhibition period, we just looked forward to the workshop “Playing photography!” that had still to come.

Thanks for a great collaboration and good talks!