Živela Ustvarjalnost! (Long Live Creativity!) – Season 02

This post was never meant to be, as we post projects and specific activities here and not, usually talk about programs. We leave time, the website-menu and categories to be the judge of what of our doing is classified as a program. Here, things change, as we still are running a project, concerned about a yearly contingent of participants, presenting themselves, going through an entire process of self-presentation, exhibition preparation and installation as well as tutoring, mostly for the first time, to interested folks.

A project, that was meant as one event, as it started (read here about it), but developed to a powerful tool for developing a varieties of non-formal learning programs, attracting constantly new target-groups.

Our expertise in matters of non-formal learning increased and are, in mid-2021 acknowledged widely over the borders of our city, being in this matters also partner of the University of Ljubljana, faculty of philosophy.

As “Živela Ustvarjalnost”(Long Live Creativity!) presented 6 creative appassionato from our region, we would continue this path, looking for others more. An open call, we published at the beginning of summer, – to be prepared for the Živela Ustvarjalnost – season 02 in the beginning of autumn, produced further co-operations, with five new creatives of our region.

Three of which we were able to work with in a classical order, for the other we could use the newly 3×3 gallery we could start to dispose of before it shell be used for the flag project of 2021, the Koroška demokratična postaja our pilot on non-formal political education.

Our creatives in this second season being: Marko Marin, Matija Triglav, Mojca Kamnik, Aljaž Kitak, who was supported by Urška Halilovič, a dear friend of ours, herself a young academic painter, who does work with us from time to time.