Public debate of mayoral candidates (Soočenja Kandidatov za Župana MOSG)

It is a pleasure to write about projects if they have really grown over time and if you know that, your work in the past plants the field of cooperation for the present.

In this case, as it is evident from the title, we were facing local elections and there were four candidates this time. In a way, we, the entire sector of non-governmental actors, were nervous. As we did just reach an, almost-agreement regarding the subsidized building, we did fear about the results of the two-years lasting dialog with our local administration. Would we be able to conclude this affair in the planned way?

While we did meet with all candidates individually in raum AU, where we posed them questions regarding this and other specific natures, of importance for us, private player within the public sphere, this event was meant for our population.

Mainstream media did however take over what we began on a local level in 2012, even when they could not convince further as their questioning was quite lead by general media researches and yellow press, far from the everyday reality of the concrete population of Slovenj Gradec. This is probably the reason the Slovenian, very well-known and listened to – Radio Študent did contact us within their endeavor to organize such events all over Slovenia, joining locally with partners to execute a public debate for them to broadcast within their radio-program, for our citizens to address their very specific questions.

Our people knew this kind of event very well, as we were probably in Slovenia the first organization to organize such a public debate on a local level in 2012, we immediately thought about enlarging the coalition of active organizations and institutions.

At the end, as it is easily recognizable in the full video of the evening, we worked together with Spajz, a youth-organization, with Mladinski Svet Slovenj Gradec, the local youth council as well as with the organization of young skaters, the association Skate Park Slovenj Gradec. Together we prepared and collected questions from all the other institutions and individuals and had a quite good, entertaining and informative evening!